Brock has a world-wide reputation as the leader you can trust to provide reliable on-farm storage that allows farmers to market their grain when they are ready. Brock's industry-leading systems are designed to perform together to match your needs for reliable on-farm storage and to provide a better return on your investment. Whether your on-farm storage system consists of a couple of bins with an auger or an integrated drying, handling and storage system, Brock Bins are the right choice for the job.

For dependable, secure storage season after season, many farmers turn to Brock.

Brock Products

Feed Bins

• 6', 7', and 9' feed bins
• 3.1 ton to 28.9 ton capacities
• HYDROSHEILD coating on all bin parts
• 40 degree roof allows for more complete filling
• 60 degree hopper allows better flow of feed out of the bin
• SPRING-LOCK layflat style lid