Manure Separators and Presses By Gea Houle

Sloped Screen Separator

• All stainless steel construction
• Built with variable openings to enable efficient separation in a single pass
• Improves the water quality in lagoons
• Passes larger solids over the screen while fine fibers and liquids fall through
• A roller press can be added to extract more liquid from the stackable product

Vertical Dewaterer

• No contact, no pressure auger and screen provides a longer service life
• Dewatering happens by gravity of water falling through the screen
• Reversible auger doubles its lifetime
• The backside of the screen is easily accessible and allows for easy cleaning without having to disassemble the machine
• Liquid level tank keeps a constant head pressure on the dewaterer to keep a consistent flow of manure
• Can be paired with a roller press to further dewater the stackable product

X-press Roller Press

• Designed to further extract liquid after a separator or dewaterer
• Removing more liquid allows for the product to be more economically stored or composted for other uses
• Low 1.5 HP requirement
• Pneumatic pressure for smooth operation
• UHMW scraper for cleaning the steel roll
• 2', 4', or 6' designs
• Can be staged as cascading presses to achieve the desired moisture content

Stone Collector

• Designed to precede a separator or roller press to protect the equipment from stone, wood block, transmitters or other debris that may be in the manure stream
• Double reverse up flow design effectively traps debris for easy removal


• Crusher can be inserted in the pumping line to break down all kinds of debris into non damaging pieces for separators, dewaterers and presses
• Pre programmed self cleaning cycle with the standard LFS panel