EL-54 Tank Spreaders

High quality, durable machines from 3,350 gallons up to 6,000 gallons


Gea Houle

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• Heavy duty tandem frame with chrome pivot pins
• Standard heavy duty 18,000 lb hubs
• 8" access doors on top of spreader
• Drain system
• Heavy duty discharge pipe
• Swivel hitch
• Front fill indicator


• Heavy duty double caliper disc brakes or extra heavy duty air brakes
• Tire options include - 18.4Lx26, 23.1Lx26, 28Lx26, 725/65x26, 850/50x30.5, and 850/50x32
• Mud fenders
• In tank recirculation
• Self loading tank option
• Nursing kit
• Fill opening hopper
• Signal lights
• Flood lights
• Several toolbar options