The most durable and simplest design you will find. The lowest maintenance manure injection system on the market today.

High Speed
3-10 MPH with excellent performance
High Residue
Heavy corn stalks without clogging
Low Draft Manure Injection
Up to 50% less draft than prior technology & up to 15,000 gallons per acre

VTI LLC Products

Manure Injectors

• Injects manure 6-8" below surface
• 22" 8x13 wave blades - 1/4" thick
• 12,000# Rated C Spring - with lifetime warranty
• Heavy Duty Quad Seal Trunion Bearing w/2" Shaft
• 3.5" ID Manure pipe with H-D closing system
• Adaptable to different bar sizes & drag hose systems
• Other Blades Available for Different Soil Types
• Built for Commercial and Custom Pumping Use