Headlocks, Free Stalls, and Gates By Zimmerman

Gates and Fencing

• Custom built to your specs
• Heavy duty 1.9" OD 13 gauge tubing
• 1 way or 2 way gates
• continuous plate hinges, welded hinges, clamp on hinges, and threaded bolt hinges
• Optional sliding bolt latch
• Optional gate wheel kit
• Gate posts available

Manure Push-off Guard

• Provides a safe area for pushing manure into the pit without
• Steel rods poured into the concrete allows manure to fall through safely
• Positive locking 1" pins keep the door in position

Zimmerman Free Stalls

• Adjustable mounts for different size animals
• Calf, heifer, and cow stalls
• Heavy duty 2-3/8" OD 10 gauge steel tubing
• Many mounting options